Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Feathered lips & Teethsticks

I decided to go further into my lip discussion my focus today is on feathered lips aka bleeding lips or smudged lips. Feathered lips are a complete disaster to look at, with the lipstick bleeding across your lips and looking uneven it occurs when there’s too much lip gloss/lipsticks on your lips. Some of us just don’t know our lip boundaries or how to define them to keep all that lipcandy in one place not to worry i'm here for you.

·         Exfoliate (tips in my last post)
·         Use a light layer of your foundation/concealer (blot if you have heavy hands) followed by a neutral or colourless liner, this creates a solid base for keeping lipstick in check.
·         However, if you prefer to go liner free, apply face powder to your lips, apply lipstick, and blot then go over again with your lipstick but don’t blot
·         Use a lip primer this preps the lips and creates a smooth and even surface for your lipstick to glide on
·         Sometimes its not you its the product. Your products could be old or lacking in quality, trash them when necessary and don’t be afraid to invest in a good product it pays off in the end. Trust me!

Now that you know how to stop bleeding out do you know how to stop bleeding in?

We've all seen the movies where a girl is on a date and everything’s perfect until she smiles only to have her date point out the streak of lipstick on her supposed pearly white teeth (falling her hand). Not just in the movies it also happens to most of us lipstick lovers.

·         Blot excess lipstick with a tissue – fold a facial tissue in half and close your mouth gently unto it so both your bottom and top lip are making contact with the tissue, squeeze your lips lightly and pull them apart the excess comes right off on the tissue.
·         Do the finger test (i prefer this one) – stick your index finger into your mouth, close your lips around the base of your finger and pull your finger out of your mouth while keeping your lips pursed and in contact with with finger. That does the trick too

If you didn't know now you know stay beautiful always........



  1. Nice post dearie....hv a lot to learn on ur blog

  2. Yayyy!!! you have a blog!! was discussing with Sandra A the other day, telling her i'm booking you down for my wedding...(whenever it is) :D


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