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We all have the same problem when it comes to picking the perfect lipstick for our skin tone most of us make the mistake of buying exactly what looks good on your friend forgetting that you don’t have the same skin tone. There are literally millions of different shades of lipsticks so i know it’s a difficult task picking and choosing a few. I personally don’t have a particular preference, my lip colour depends on my mood or a look I’m trying to achieve. However, i have also learned that not everything i like will match my skin tone. If you would like to figure out how to pick the most flattering and foxy lipsticks, of course continue to read!

What’s your lip shape?

Before i get into it, i thought i should mention that it is important you consider the shape of your lips also before purchasing your lipstick. A general rules applies to certain lip shapes like darker colours makes your lips look smaller while the lighter and brighter colours make them appear bigger. So keep that in mind and decide when you want to accentuate or minimize your lip shape before you start narrowing down lips colours so it won’t be overwhelming!

Loyal lipstick

Remember that you’re probably not just going to own one lipstick for every occasion (if you’re as obsessed as i am you’ll prolly need a separate bag or storage space for them). something about your lip colour transforms your whole outlook from good girl to bad girl instantly so you’ll want a lip colour for everyday, nights out, formal events and so on. The thing is even if you carry a ton of lipsticks in your bag you should always have that one loyal lipstick that you can count on to look great at any time and place. (my personal preference is mac ruby woo)

Underneath your skin

You can’t learn how to pick lipstick for your skin tone if u don’t get to know your skin’s undertones. I’m sure you’ve heard the terms cool or warm before if not, you heard it here first. If you’re unsure of your skin’s undertones, then its your lucky day simply look at the colour of your veins on your inner wrists in the light. If they appear bluish, you’re cool and if they appear greenish, you’re warm that’s it!

Fair skin

When picking the right lipstick for light complexions, it usually means choosing lighter shades of lipstick like nudes, pinks or light browns. Cool toned girls should go for nude or a soft mocha colour and warm girls should look for nude peach or pale pinks. Don’t get it twisted (you’re prolly saying bright colours look better on fair girls) I know that there will be times when you’ll want to rock a dark lip and you’ll look amazing that’s absolutely fine. Generally speaking, nudes and beiges are universally flattering and those colours work well to brighten up a fair complexion.

Medium skin (i fall in this category)

Choosing lipstick according to skin tone doesn’t have to be a chore. With medium skin tones, you have a pretty nice palette of colours to choose from like browns, red, fuschias and peaches. For medium skin with warm undertones, try copper or bronze colours and cool undertones should give pinks and cranberry colours a try!

Darker skin

When you’re picking the right lipstick for darker complexions, dark reds are sure to make lips look gorgeous, for darker skin with cooler undertones try ruby and wine-coloured hues. For warmer undertones, coppers and bronzes look pretty on your pucker. While some dark complexioned ladies look lovely in nudes and lighter colours rather than these recommended reds please please n please stay far far away from orange except you’re on the runway!


One last thing i wanted to mention on learning how to pick lipstick for your skin tone is that there will rarely be a time when you want ur lip colour to resemble your skin tone. At the same time, you don’t want a stark contrast between your lips and skin either. That being said, i know it seems like there are so many rules just on picking a lip colour but in the end, the only rule you have to follow is to wear what makes you feel good! All cool-toned or light complexions aren’t the same so experiment with colours you like! Don’t feel obligated to reject or accept a colour you love just because it’s not considered acceptable!
I hope these tips make how to pick a lipstick for your skin tone a little easier! There are so many things to consider when searching for complimentary colours that make it easy to get frustrated.

Back to you now,
·         Do you use or own any of these recommended lip shades?
·         Do you like to stick to certain hues when it comes to makeup?
·         Do you just wear whatever you like?



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