Friday, 9 November 2012


Hey dolls,

Ever wondered why your makeup never lasts all day? especially in hot weather, well, the thing is wearing makeup in hot weather can be more trouble than it's worth sometimes, you find yourself whipping sweat off your face and constantly retouching your makeup. Despite the hassle, we still want to look good so we wear the makeup  anyway. To maintain a fresh look all day you will need to learn a few of these simple but useful tips.

Its simple, hot weather less makeup.  You probably would not need as much as you would wear in cooler weather, and the less that you wear, the less there is to keep fresh. So in hot weather, make your routine a simple one, a good tinted moisturizer or face shimmer will still give your face a fresh glow.

It's amazing the cooling effects of water, a water spray helps to keep your makeup fresh in hot conditions. You can also get sprays designed to do the same job. So ladies if your makeup tends to fade away very quickly in hot weather, carry one of these little sprays in your bag and spray away as desired(you'll be glad you did).

If you can't handle the heat or don't know how to deal with keeping your makeup in place during this period, i suggest to follow the waterproof road. Using waterproof mascaras and eyeliner is a must in hot weather. There's nothing sexy about going for a swim in a hot weather and getting out of the pool with with streaks of mascara running down your cheeks.

The use of a face primer is very essential in hot weather preferably those also containing SPF to protect your skin from sun damage. If you need to apply fill makeup, then an excellent way to keep makeup fresh and last a lot longer in the heat is to apply primer first.

Blotting papers are a really handy little tool to carry around in hot weather especially for oily faces. You can use pressed powder, but it isn't quite as practical or portable. with blotting papers, if you find the dreaded shine building up on your face, you can just take a sheet out and dab on the shine area to absorb the oil. It is quick, easy and you don't run the risk of using too much powder.

Put your lipsticks aside in hot weather and switch to lip gloss. They are much lighter, softer and can be easily reapplied if necessary. Lip glosses  also look better in the heat and sun, when lipsticks can just seem to heavy. However, i know some of us just can't do without our lipsticks so instead of applying as much as you usually would, one coat of lipstick and a matching lip gloss will do the trick

If you do like to wear a base as part of your makeup in hot weather, then change the type that you use. A heavy foundation isn't suitable for hot weather. Instead, switch to an oil-free foundation or a mineral foundation. An oil-free foundation won't add shine to your face, and a mineral foundation tends to have a good staying power which is highly essential in the heat.

I hope this helps you understand that despite the heat you can still look fresh without stress using these simple tips.



  1. Thanx 4 tips Babes...Very helpful!!!

  2. I totally need tips like these! Thanks a lot

  3. Hi, my first time here. Nice blog. Thanks for the tips, I need them. Will continue to read your posts. I am going to be your newest follower. You are invited yo follow back. Thanks.

  4. Love your blog!
    I am your newest follower, follow back??

  5. Hei babe, kool stuff. I think I'm gonna stick to ur mkup tips. Dey are easy, kool and practical. I guess I'm stuck on you o


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