Saturday, 19 January 2013



We all want our foundation to cover all our flaws but no one wants to wear a face full of pancake makeup, but getting a natural finish from our full-coverage foundation has always seemed like an elusive quest. That's why I confess to the power of the beauty blender, it ensures smooth, even coverage EVERYTIME. It's no surprise to learn that it's a favorite of pro makeup artists everywhere.

The beauty blender is the most versatile makeup tool you’ll ever own, it is washable, re-usable and recyclable. It can be used damp or dry (i personally prefer damp) it is indeed a very versatile applicator.
If you have a problem skin, the beauty blender works to cover blemishes, both top and bottom sides of the beauty blender can be used, the top pointy end can be used to work makeup into depressed areas of the face like the inner corners of the eyes and under the nose. Using a stippling and twisting motion, these feathers out the makeup’s edges and harsh lines leaving a perfect flawless finish.

How it Works
Unlike traditional sponges, the soft texture and elliptical shape of the beauty blender allows foundation to blend into the skin with a natural finish and no streaks. When saturated with water, the sponge will expand to twice its actual size, making it easy to cover your whole face and still get into all the nooks and crannies. Using the sponge damp prevents it from absorbing excess foundation, so you won't be wasting any makeup. 

How to Use
Saturate your beauty blender with water and squeeze out excess. pick up small amount of foundation with the blender and apply to your skin with a tapping motion to distribute and blend in. Use the pointed end of the sponge to get into small areas around your nose and eyes.

To clean your sponge, soak in warm shampooed water, allow to absorb water and keep squeezing gently to release clogged product, avoid using your finger nails so it doesn't tear then dry out on a clean surface.

There you have it go ahead and give it a try you'll be amazed I promise, stay beautiful always



  1. I've got to try this!

    1. Try's wonderful! I have a set of 4 and I just love them. Ive been planning to review them sef, I think i'll do that soon. Great blog.


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