Thursday, 18 December 2014


We keep hearing don't sleep with makeup but many of us do not know the reason why hence, we ignore the warnings. When you take good care of your skin, it will pay off eventually. I love wearing makeup, like most girly girls, but as much as I love my makeup staying all day, I also love to let the skin on my face breath and enjoy a good nights rest. Once you get into the habit of washing your face before bed, it becomes second nature. Anyhoo, here are my top reasons not to sleep with makeup on (thank me later)

Sleeping with makeup will encourage clogged pores. Your skin uses the time that you sleep at night to replenish, and if your makeup is in the way, your pores can't breathe. Clogged pores can cause or contribute to ugly breakouts(aint nobody gat time for that), so make sure wash off all those layers of primer, foundation, concealer, powder, blush, bronzer etc. down the drain before going to bed to keep those ugly pimples at bay, your skin will thank you every morning.

As for this, forgetting one night and sleeping with makeup on won’t hurt you too much, but the effects build up over time if made a habit. Making sleeping in makeup a regular deal can age your skin, as the skin cells activate most in the night to recover from all that it’s exposed to during the day. Makeup fights against these cells and can lead to wrinkles and overall older-looking skin.

Need I say more? Nothing is worse than trying to wash off streaks of foundation, mascara, lipstick from your pillowcases. Once these products set into your pillow cases, it can be really difficult to get out. It might be one of the most obvious reasons because it’s the one that doesn’t need weeks or years to take effect. It fact, all it takes is a couple of seconds on your pillow. Sleeping with makeup on can leave your pillows covered in residue from your foundation and/or concealer and very noticeable marks from your mascara and/or eye shadow, depending on the colors of your pillows and makeup. Regardless, it definitely doesn’t help your bed look clean.

It might seem like a pain, but taking your makeup off before bed can be a painless procedure. The fastest and most effective way to take off your makeup would be to buy a good makeup remover and put it on some cotton swabs, gently dabbing the cottons swab on where the makeup is. You could also use a facial cleanser, or good old soap and water will usually do just fine if you wash well. Personally I prefer to scrub even after using the wipes but when I'm dead tired I always love the feel of cold water splashed on my face before bed.



  1. Sleeping with makeup is a sin a sin punishable with pimples

  2. Nice post, am educated. Please how do I get to your studio here in Abuja, I need to buy some products.

    1. hello Uche pls contact us on whatsapp 08096887700 or bbm 53093DCE


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