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Half the time we all get lost in the search of the perfect primer, foundation, powder, contour kit, blah blah blah... and forget some mostly overlooked but vital makeup maintenance tips in the process. We all are guilty of these sins but the fact is it shouldn't be so. The key to keeping your makeup making you look great is to make sure you take good care of it. Ladies!!! I know we all have that one friend that her makeup bag looks like a rat just moved out, always looking dirty and tacky, its either one lipgloss is broken and spilling out, her eyeshadow or powder is broken and messing things up in there or there is a pencil without a cover drawing dirty marks all over the place PHEEEWWW!!!!! something just has to be dirty in that bag. Well, make sure as you read this simple tips you also recommend it to her...

This is hands down the best makeup maintenance tips you'll ever hear. Your brushes are prime breeding ground for bacteria. Even if you wash your face regularly, makeup residue from applying makeup ends up on your brushes. You don't need to wash them daily, but at least once a week would be just fine, I know we're all busy with something else but girl! this is really important. Ever wonder why you suddenly breakout when you have not changed your facial routine? just might be those brushes you've ignored for months packing up bacteria. Its not difficult I promise all you need is warm water, brush shampoo (your regular is just fine too) and paper towel. This simple tip keeps your face from breaking out and keeps your brushes lasting longer.

If you truly abide by the rules, mascara is one item you should replace more than any other item in your makeup bag (how long have you had that mascara in your bag?) Mascara is one of the quickest products to dry out and one of the worst for breeding bacteria. So while you're trying to save up money by ensuring you exhaust that mascara think about the effect it might have on your eyes after three months. I know you love but please toss it and buy a new one.

I have talked about caring for your lips here One of the most important tricks to making sure your lipstick stays healthy and keeps you looking great is to moisturise your lips. When your lips are dry, they flake off skin, this creates two problems, first, when you apply lipstick, it doesn't go on evenly and looks cakey. Secondly, that dead skin sitting on your lips ends up in tiny particles into your lipstick (or gloss), and ends up being a breeding ground for bacteria (did i hear you say eewwww!!!). Keep your lips moistirized to prevent this and use without any chemicals.  

Just like I mentioned earlier, ever looked at your makeup in your cosmetic bag and think how dirty it looks? Ladies lets keep these little wonders nice and clean okay!!! You makeup can flake off coloured dust onto other products, creating a dirty look to your containers. Not only is this unsanitary, but also messy. Alot once a month, make out time to wipe off all your makeup containers on the outside with a hot towel soaked in shampoo or preferably wipes (I know you@re lazy) dry them off and they are like new again, so fresh so clean.

So ladies help makeup helps those who take care of them, always remember that when it comes to makeup the littlest things make the biggest difference so put these tips to practice more will come your way soon. ;)


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